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jeudi 26 janvier 2017

Accueil > Programme > jeudi 26 janvier 2017

Demi finales Hand 20h45 Hull City - Manchester United 21h15 Barcelone - R. Scd

20h : Grizzly Business

Imagine a conference room full of domesticated Grizzlies. Casually sitting there in their custom fitted suits discussing hibernation plans and Japanese interest rates when - speaking of Japan - they decide to order in sushi for lunch. A Grizzly Business is the musical interpretation of that moment said bears realize the egregiousness of their scenario and succumb to their natural desire to throw papers in the air. Murdering eardrums since 2013, Grizzly Business is an Indie-Rock group out of San Diego, California. Drawing comparisons to the Shins and the Strokes, they have been touring the united states and in support of their new CD "Spanish Old-Fashion" will be making their European debut January 2017. [Event Facebook->]

22h - 5h : DJ Super Bob

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