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vendredi 12 octobre 2018

Accueil > Programme > vendredi 12 octobre 2018

HAPPY HOUR : 19h-20h

foot : 19h00 Egypte - Swaziland 20h00 Arabie - Brésil 20h45 Belgique - Suisse 20h45 France - Turquie ( Esp ) rugby : 20h40 Perpignan - Sale

LIVE music : OZ and THE KRYDS (Uk)

20h OZ and THE KRYDS on stage, Combining their love of fuzz and punk-rock, Oz & The Kryds are all about the mosh pits. A violent 4-piece that shows their appreciation of old-school garage rock, surf and punk with swathes of volume, aggression and distortion. Even though they are a fairly new band, The Kryds have already managed to generate a prolific reputation for their "memorable" live performances and as a revived example of the Proto-Punk/Garage movement.

22h-5h Dj Secte

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