Ouvert du mardi au samedi de 19h à 5h. Happy Hour de 19h à 20h30

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vendredi 18 septembre

Accueil > Programme > vendredi 18 septembre 2020

HAPPY HOUR : 19h-20h30


• 21H : PAPYLLON • Papyllon is about 5 friends from Slovakia, who were put together and are held by music and a common vision. They released their first EP "Sink or Swim" in 2015, including the quite popular single "Waves", which they launched at summer festivals. They made full use of their potential with debut album "Papyllon", recorded in their 5x4 rehearsal room, The album is full of rock anthems, industrial bangers, as well as sexy pop songs such as "Seventeen, baby" and "Never felt so pure". Their latest space single is called “What About Tonight”.

22h-5h : DJ