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vendredi 5 octobre 2018

Accueil > Programme > vendredi 5 octobre 2018

HAPPY HOUR : 19h-20h

20h00 Niort - PFC 20h45 Toulouse - Nice 21h00 Brighton - West Ham

2 LIVE music : SNATCHER (fr) THE KEEPERS (uk)

20h SNATCHER en live, Punk rock on the outside, Hip hop, electro and tropics on the inside. Without Mc, without beat box and without maracas, we will not be surprised to found some groove and sun between a heavy bass, a distorted guitar and two furious snare hits. 21h THE KEEPERS on stage, playing their first European show. They have supported the likes of The Beat, The Moons, Space, RedFaces, The Franklys and many more. Drawing influences from 60's Psychedelic English and American bands as well as 90's Indie. The Keepers have released a string of singles on Stalkers Records such as Here Comes Spring (2017), Another Night (2017), Take me on a Trip (2018) and There's No Going Back (2018).

22h-5h Dj

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